Semi-Private Learn to Swim Inclusive/Adaptive Lessons 

Our semi-private Inclusive/Adaptive Learn to Swim lessons are designed for children with a mild to moderate disabilities and can be shared with a neurotypical or adaptive sibling or friend. This class allows children and adolescents with special needs to find a love and freedom within water. Through our gentle approach we work on both relaxing and strengthening muscles, increasing tone and safety skills and of course, learning how to swim. Children with ASD, SPD and other co-morbid disorders are able to incorporate all of their therapies in one place. 

Once we've built a firm foundation we begin to teach the safety skills needed for self rescue. Once this is established, we work on stroke progression. 

Designed for children 2 years and above. Lessons are paired based on age and ability. 

2:1 ratio for 30 minutes