Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your school different than other swim schools?

We solely operate under the premise that all children can learn to swim when given the appropriate environment to thrive. This belief begins by only offering semi-private lessons on an ability approach basis for children that need to learn how to be safe in the water.

What class should I register my child in?

Ask yourself two questions, when my child gets into a body of water, can they safely swim across it? If they cannot, register for a semi-private learn to swim lesson. If they can but it isn’t pretty and they need to learn proper strokes, enroll them in a semi-private stroke lesson. If your child has the basics of freestyle down and they are hoping to learn all 4 competitive strokes in a group environment, the stroke work club is the place for him/her. If your child is between the ages of 1-2 years of age, we offer parent and me classes and Infant Water Safety Lessons. If your goal is to have them safe and swimming before 2, an infant water safety lesson is your best lesson. If a slower, water comfort approach is what your hoping for, come swim, play and learn in a parent and me lesson.

My child has special needs. Do you offer lessons for children with special needs?

We do! We have a few specially trained instructors on staff that work hand in hand with our director, Ms. Liz.

Ms. Liz has a Masters in Special Education and has been teaching adaptive lessons for 10 years.

My child knows how to swim but we want him/her to learn her swim strokes. Do you teach that? The Nadadores Swim Team just celebrated it’s 50th anniversary and we are blessed to be a part of their organization. We are the school that feeds directly to the team and stroke progression is a key part of our school. We offer semi-private and group stroke lessons.

My child is 1 years old and we do not want to do a parent and me class. Do you offer classes for children that young?

Yes, our Infant Water Safety Lessons are designed for children ages 1-2 years in age.

Your child will learn how to roll to a floating position and float for extended periods of time. He/She will also learn how to roll back to their bellies and find a safe place. Once he/she can roll to her/his back unassisted, we move onto the float, swim, float progression. And yes, your child can learn how to swim before they turn 2 years old. Exciting, right?


What is the recommended amount of lessons my child attend for optimal progression?

Infant Water Safety Lessons-A minimum of 2-4 times a week. We do not accept less than twice per week for these specific lessons.

Learn to Swim Lessons-A minimum of 2-3 times a week is suggested for progression to a level of water safety.

Stroke Lessons/Stroke Work Club-What are your child’s goals? If it’s to become a Nadadores Swim Team Member, twice a week is recommended. If it’s for stroke progression, once a week is acceptable for children ages 6 and above.

Is your pool heated?

Yes, or to be honest, we wouldn’t want to get in either! It’s heated year-round between 88-92 degrees.


What if I need to cancel swim lessons?

Lessons must be canceled, in written form, by the 25th of the month prior that you’d like to withdraw from.


Why do I have to notify you so far in advance?

Due to the popularity of our swim program, we are continuously working off of a waitlist. Advance notice gives us the time we need to make necessary adjustments to our schedule to accommodate all students that hope to participate in our program.


What if I started lessons mid-month?

We will be happy to pro-rate your month so that you are only charge for the lessons that you swim.


Do you offer makeup lessons?

Yes, our makeup lessons are as follows:


If you are scheduled for a makeup lesson and need to cancel, your lesson will be forfeited. We do not reschedule makeup lessons. 

Morning Lessons (9:00am-2:00pm): If you fail to notify the office by 6pm the night prior to a missed lesson and are marked as a no-show, that lesson will not be granted a makeup. 

Afternoon Lessons (2:30pm-6:30pm): If you fail to notify the office by 10am the morning of a missed lesson and are marked as a no-show, that lesson will not be granted a makeup. 

Proper notice must be given prior to a lesson to be marked as excused and be granted a makeup.