The Peaks and Valleys of Swimming

swimming progress.png

Success in swimming is measured in peaks and valleys. We recognize those peaks and valleys as small achievements and forward progress. When a child is learning to ride a bike, they start with training wheels. 

Some days are harder than others and you wonder why your child doesn't want to take their training wheels off?  So, they practice and practice until one day the training wheels come off and they can ride independently. 

Learning to swim is the same. 

The natural form of progression is much like a roller coaster to success. We see success (peaks) and then we see moments of intense practice (valleys). Towards the end we see a natural coast towards independence and ability. Your child can now safely swim! 

Come try one of our newly added intensives or a semi-private swim lessons and experience the true joy of having your child become safe in the water.

-Swim School Director, Liz Bridgford


Nadadores Swim School