Do You Offer Infant Swim Lessons?

Did you know we offer Infant Water Safety Lessons

for students 6 months and above? 

We are often asked at what age should a child begin swim lessons. We encourage children to begin their love of water from birth. Start with simple things like letting water drop splash in their face during bath time or having he/she sit near your feet in the shower. Supervised floats in the bath tub are wonderful for children to get the feel for water in their ears. Place 1 inch of water in the bathtub and have your child lay on their back to mimic the sensation of a supported back float. Never leave a child unattended in a bathtub or shower.  

When the time is right for your family, the younger your able to place your child in swim lessons the better. We offer parent and me classes (beginning in March) and infant water safety lessons for children ages 6 months and above.  

Our instructors have been specifically trained to work with infants on the lifesaving skill of self-rescue. 

Water comfort is the basis for all swim lessons. Your child will be taught how to roll to their back and float for an extended period of time should they encounter water. He/she will also be taught how to scale the walls to a safe place and crawl out of the pool.

Our number one goal is water safety and drowning prevention. 

Our Infant Water Safety Lessons are a 15 minute private lesson for $20. Growth, development and progression are all achieved when more than 2 lessons in a week are attended.

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