What Do We Do When It Rains?

This is a common concern for most parents during winter swim lessons.

The pool, as of this moment, is 94 degrees (yah covers!). It won’t dip below 90 as we will continue to cover it during the winter months. We want to assure you that your children will be safe and warm while swimming in the rain.

We understand that it’s not ideal for parents and siblings to be waiting in the rain during the lesson. We would like to invite you into our warm heated office to both wait and change your children. It is absolutely our pleasure to help as much as we can during these rainy days.

Swimming in different climates and environments helps our students become well rounded, confident swimmers because they are taught to swim in warm, cool, cloudy, sunny and windy weather. Our students become adaptable and are able to swim in various outdoor water environments without hesitation.  

We value your loyalty and love watching your children progress in their lessons. These months are critical in their success moving into the warmer months.

However, if you would like to cancel your lesson on a certain day due to weather, we totally understand!

Our cancelation policy is as follows:


Morning Lessons (9:00am-2:00pm): If you fail to notify the office by 6pm the night prior to a missed lesson and are marked as a no-show, that lesson will not be granted a makeup. 

Afternoon Lessons (2:30pm-6:30pm): If you fail to notify the office by 10am the morning of a missed lesson and are marked as a no-show, that lesson will not be granted a makeup. 

Proper notice must be given prior to a lesson to be marked as excused and be granted a makeup. 

If you are scheduled for a makeup lesson and need to cancel, your lesson will be forfeited. We do not reschedule makeup lessons. 

When do the Nadadores Swim School cancel lessons?

Nadadores Swim School cancels lessons when there is extreme rain, thunder or lightning.

If a lesson is canceled, you will be contacted the day of your child's lesson via email, phone call and/or text message. If you are not contacted, please assume that lessons are still on for that day. Should you miss that lesson and were not contacted, your lesson will not be made up.