We are committed at Nadadores Swim School to water safety and drowning prevention.  We begin with each student by teaching safety first. We teach them how to roll from their bellies to their backs and how to float for long periods of time.  We also teach them how to scale the walls of the pool to find safety and how to pull themselves out of the pool, if they were to reach a wall or stairs. This foundation helps us to gain trust with each other and also essential skills if they were to accidentally fall in a pool. 

As the child is able to progress, we then move onto teaching swimming strokes and how to flip from their backs to their bellies.  Before you know it, they can master these skills and swim the length of our pool with a coach right by their side.

We have found the best learning environment for most students is a 2:1 student to coach ratio. This enables both children to learn from each other and encourage one another. It also allows for ample rest time for each child while the other is swimming.