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We are thrilled to welcome Special Fishies Summer Swim Camp back to the Nadadores Swim School!

Registration Begins March 1st

Come swim, play, sing, dance and have a blast at our Special Fishies Summer Swim Camp!

Our all inclusive, adaptive swim camp combines social skills, water comfort, sensory art, motor skills and speech. We offer the smallest camp ratio around, 2:1. Our camp is all inclusive, siblings and friends welcome. 

Camp Dates:

June 17th-June 20th 4 Day Camp $192.00

June 24th-June 28th

July 8th-July 12th

July 15th-July 19th

July 29th-August 2nd

August 12th-August 16th

Drop Off Begins at 12:30pm and Pickup is completed by 2:30pm

$239 for 5 days of FUN!

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What is an all inclusive adaptive swim camp?

The focus of our swim camp is to work specifically with children with special needs.

Those needs can range from mild/moderate to severe. 

For Children with cerebral palsy, sma, stroke survivor, Rhett’s, and many other genetic and developmental disabilities we use certified neck rings and full face masks to get them moving the water. Children with ASD, SPD and other co-morbid disorders grow and learn through many ways in our specially designed program. We work on Speech, OT, PT, and Social Skills all while in the water. We learn through play!!

Camp Director, Jodi Powell, has an extensive career in adaptive aquatic sand will be your child's personal tour guide through camp.

  • Her education consists of a BA in Psychology from Southern Illinois University with an emphasis on early childhood development.

  • WSI certified, Lifeguard certified

  • First Aid for First Responder certified

  • Swimming with Autism training

  • Training and certified with SICS- Italian Water Rescue Organization.

She is a mother two wonderfully spirited young boys.